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Yo! I'm 22 years old and was Born and raised on the eastside of Oklahoma City. I've been taking pictures for 6 years. Photography is a passion that I discovered by accident. I first picked up a camera to take pictures for my clothing brand at the age of 16. A close friend let me use his camera while he molded my clothes.  After posting the pictures people would ask me to take their pictures for them. And thus, my passion for photography (or maybe money) was born.

When I click that button, I believe I'm doing more then taking pictures. I'm capturing the vibes

I'm also a huge anime nerd. Some of my favorite anime include Attack on titan, Code geass, Full metal alchemist, death note, and many more. I could honestly go on for ages. I also love to play video games and hang out with friends and family. I struggle with small talk

I love working with my clients, but I have a passion for streetwear and would love to work with clothing brands. 


Roman is an extremely talented photographer who was able to take my ideas and turn them to a reality. My photoshoot consisted of 6 people all together and he was able to creatively direct each and every one of us. Everyone was extremely happy with how the shoot went as well as how the pictures came out. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a photographer.

- Artistry Nails via Facebook

I loved my pictures! Great service, on time, and overall, I had a good time at my shoot! I definitely will book again!

-Amaiya Coleman via Facebook

Beyond great experience! He was very understanding and was very creative throughout the shoot. Will definitely book again!

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