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Hi! I wanted to type up this blog so future clients can know what to expect when working with me.

1. Initial Inquiry

The booking process typically begins with an initial inquiry. As a potential client, you may reach out to me via email, phone, or through my website's contact form. This initial contact is where you can express your interest in booking a photography session and provide some basic details about your requirements. Feel free to send inspiration pictures.


After we have discussed your basic requirements, we will choose a service that is best for your needs. A NONREFUNDABLE 50% deposit is required before we can move forward. Deposit can be paid via Website portal, Cashapp, Venmo, or PayPal.


Next, I will have you fill out a form. This is optional but it will help me give your shoot creative direction. You'll be able to upload your outfit, and answer questions that will help me bring your vision to life. Please note that the photoshoot does not come with Props. This is an extra service that can be added on. Feel free to bring your own.


Next up you will need to prepare for your photoshoot. This means setting any appointments that you may want to set (makeup, nails, hair etc.) I am available to answer any last-minute questions and provide reassurance to ensure you feel confident and comfortable on the day of the session.

5. Photography Session

On the day of the session, we will meet at the agreed-upon location or studio.

STUDIO SHOOT: My current studio is based in my home. You can bring 3 people Maximum in my home studio. Most of my work is taken in my home studio but if you'd like a bigger studio the rental fee is $65.


I will arrive early to set up equipment and prepare the environment. During the session, I will guide you through poses and provide direction to capture authentic and engaging moments. My goal is to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, allowing your personality and true essence to shine through in the photographs.

6. Editing and Post-Production

After the session, I will carefully curate and select the best images from the shoot. These selected photos will then undergo a post-processing stage, where I apply professional editing techniques to enhance colors, adjust lighting, and refine the overall look and feel. This process ensures that the final images are of the highest quality and meet the artistic vision established during our initial discussions.

7. Final Delivery

Once the editing process is complete, I will deliver the final images to you. This can be done through an online gallery, where you can conveniently view,

Now that you know what to expect go ahead and click the link below to be taken to a contact form.

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